Wolkarean Inscription

The Wolkarean Inscription is the story of the people of Kareand and Shokareen. The series includes 4 trilogies for a total of 12 books.

Seven hundred years ago, civil war encompassed the entire continent of Shokareen. Fearing that everyone would perish, a powerful sorcerer named Manderig decided to gather as many peace-loving people as he could find and take them to a place of safety.

He discovered an uninhabited land to the north, one that was separated from Shokareen by a long band of islands and reefs. He named it Kareand.

There, Manderig divided the people into three groups, or races, according to their interests, all except one man whom he set apart from the others. Then he shared a portion of his powers with them.

He called the first group Nistarians, and he gave them land lore: the ability to connect with all land-dwelling creatures and to understand soil, minerals, and gems. The second group, the Boradids, received water lore: a love of the sea, an understanding of creatures that lived in the waters, and knowledge of currents, tides, and weather. With the third group, the Crennese, he shared his wisdom, his spirituality, and his magic.

Finally, he told the man he had set apart that he was the first Wolkarean. Others like him would be born at random to members of the other three races. The Wolkareans would be charged with the safety of all. He gave them the power to recognize evil, to see behind disguises and deceit, and to love fairness, justice, and peace.

The Wolkarean Inscription is the first in a series of trilogies dealing with the inhabitants of Kareand and Shokareen and the Wolkareans’ efforts to promote tranquility on two continents.

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The Spire of Kylet - Book One in the Wolkarean InscriptionKatrine of Banur has a scheme to escape the tedious life of a herder, with its forced early marriage, that her father has planned for her.

Secretly she applies to the illustrious Recorder’s School in the city of Pardish, where only a few exceptional apprentices are accepted each year. But Katrine has been honing her artistic talents and believes she has all the qualifications necessary to become one of the Regent’s elite historian-couriers. She has saved almost enough money from what she earns working on the family ranch in order to pay for the caravan trip. Regardless of what her parents say, she intends to leave home as soon as she receives notification of her acceptance.

Shortly after Katrine finds a spire, a magical weapon created centuries earlier by the sorcerer Kylet, a series of strange events assail her. Because of an act of heroism, she is adopted by one of the mystical Crennese tribes, the Glainites, and is given powers she does not understand and cannot control. She has upheavals of emotion and peculiar sensations in her body. She is plagued by headaches and blurry vision and horrible nightmares.

She fears her dream of becoming a Recorder is doomed.

Then, unexpectedly, she finds herself on a journey to Pardish in the company of a Master Recorder, his new apprentice, her most despised cousin, and a legendary Warrior. As they travel across the countryside, Katrine is faced with unimaginable dangers and decisions. Before she reaches her destination, she faces death three times, redefining her understanding of the world and her place in it.

Look Inside The Spire of Kylet

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The Eyes of LandorKatrine of Banur never wanted to be a Warrior or a Sorcerer. She must learn to be both.

Katrine stopped abruptly.

Spinning in a circle, she tried to see past the shadows of the trees and shrubs surrounding her.

Suddenly, three Neophytes lunged at her from behind a thicket of evergreen bushes. their auras were awash with anger and jealousy and loathing.

Katrine’s stomach flipped over. These three were the ringleaders of a gang that had been harassing her ever since she started her studies.

The boys formed a triangle around her.

Although Katrine has been at the Landorian Training Compound for only a few weeks, already she must fight for her life.

As the seasons pass, she faces hostility, distrust, betrayal, capture, and imprisonment by her enemies.

If she is to survive, she must overcome her insecurities and fears, accept her destiny without reservation, and master her complex set of powers.

Look Inside The Eyes of Landor

Language: English
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Triumph at Serpent's HeadKatrine of Banur has escaped from Elnid-Kyeh’s dungeon. Now she must prepare for war.

Katrine was seconds away from passing out.

Muscles quivering, she lowered the tip of her sword in the transitional symbol of surrender.

Perspiration soaked her uniform, gluing it to her skin. Pinprick bursts of light danced around dark splotches in front of her eyes.

Asher scowled at her and lowered his blade as well.

Sinking to the ground, Katrine pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around them, and let her head loll forward.

“Not good enough,” Asher said, “not nearly good enough.”

As Katrine prepares to meet Elnid-Kyeh for their final battle, she must come to terms with the fact that he is a three hundred year old sorcerer who is much stronger and more experienced than she is.

She can only pray that he is not smarter.

Look Inside Triumph at Serpent’s Head

Language: English
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