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Echoes: A Modern Fairytale

is now available on Amazon.com as both an ebook and paperback.


Can true love really conquer all?


Echoes: A Modern Fairtytale has been nominated for a 2016 Whitney Award.





If you like contemporary fantasy, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Echoes: A Modern Fairytale, but if the book disappoints in any way, please let me know. You can email comments to connieawalker.author@gmail.com.

I am very excited about the book. Besides being a fun read, it has a subtle message about the rewards of love, hope, and courage.

Below is a synopsis of Echoes: A Modern Fairytale.

Karissa Day had her future all planned when her family moved to Shawon, Colorado, right before her junior year in high school. A freak car accident shattered her dreams. Now confined to a wheelchair, Karissa returns to school lonely, bitter, and afraid. Then, unexpectedly, she is assigned to do a research paper with a mysterious boy named Neeve. Although he is also physically and emotionally damaged, he introduces her to a world of magic, which could be the salvation of them both.


The Wolkarean Inscription’s second printing

will be available May 1, 2017.

All three books (The Spire of Kylet, The Eyes of Landor, and Triumph at Serpent’s Head) are being reedited and reprinted with exciting new covers. Be sure to take a look either here or at Amazon.com.